Wednesday, September 17, 2008

All About Me!!!

Hello everyone,

My name is Kaila Greene. I am a sophomore here at IUPUI. I am studing Elementry Education and I would like to teach thrid, fourth or middle school math. I LOVE to dance, I danced for an academy from age 5 up until my junior year of high school I also love to travel! I am a bank teller, and I like my job.

At first I had a little trouble getting started, but I found my answer very quickly. The only tip I would give future "bloggers" is to read the help guide first because it has all the answers you need to begin blogging.

Overall, I had fun creating my blog. I think my design that i chose is pretty. I wish i knew how to enhance it even more by using html to spice it up. I like it though, and I had fun. I also hope that you enjoy it.

Thanks for visiting!

Here is a link to my PBwiki: