Wednesday, December 3, 2008

[ G O O D B Y E ]

W200 has been fun this semester. I have learned a lot and got to experience a lot with new technology. I am glad that I have taken this class because it has gave me several good experiences about how my classroom should be and what I could do to make students learn better. Thank you Professor Jochim for all you help! Good luck to everyone next week during finals! -Bye-

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Digital Photos/Storytelling

It took me a while to actually figure out which one I wanted to use this time. I tried out a few before I actually picked one. Then I got stuck between two, so i said I was just going to use both since they are very similiar. I chose digital photos and digital storytelling. I used and They both were pretty easy to use. Bubbleshare required you to make an account, while did not. I have used many times with my myspace page. I just upload some pictures from my computer and go from there. On both sites, you first upload pictures that you want to use. Then, you choose your design that you want. Slide has uploaded something new onto their site because now you can add music to your slide. Although, I tried many times, but I could not get my music to actually play. After you choose your design, you can arrange your photos, possibly add some extra clipart to spice things up and then your ready to publish your slide. Slide and BubbleShare both could be useful in a classroom setting because it could be a way to introduce pictures that go with information. I have also seen used on test day. The teacher put the pictures on the slide that we had to write about and it would periodically change and go through every picture several time. It was actually cool! Below you will find a link to both of my slideshows. Enjoy!

Link (Slide):

Link (BubbleShare):