Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Technology in Education

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Technology in Education
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The second emerging technology that I chose was digital scrapbooking. I absolutely love to scrapbook! I have this scrapbook that I have had since middle school, and every now and then I add something new to it. I love it!

I chose to use

It is really easy to learn. First you have to make an account, and after that the site gives you a step-by-step tutorial. I only created one, but I'm sure that I will make more. In the beginning you can choose to either pick from an existing template or make your own. From there you can add photos, stickers, music, and more! Another interesting thing is that you can upload pictures from facebook. So, if there is a certain picture that you want to use, but it is not saved on your computer, then you can upload it from facebook. After you have made your scrapbook, you can print it or put in an order for it to be mailed to you. The site is awesome!

This would be very useful in an elementary classroom. Younger children tend to learn more when things like podcasts and digital scrapbooking are used. If you were to use digital scrapbooking while displaying any information, more children would pay attention and learn more rather than just teaching them from an overhead projector.

This is a link to my scrapbook: